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About Us

The Black Women’s Entrepreneurship Brunch “BWEB” is a collaboration between The Vegan Hood Chefs and Martha Carmella Wilkins.  This event is a cultivated space to empower Black Women-owned businesses (BWOB) through culture, education, health, and community. Our mission is to use these elements to support the development and sustainability of BWOB in the SF Bay Area by being the bridge between black women entrepreneurs (BWEs) and funding organizations. This event is a sacred space for Black women to raise awareness around the lack of representation in their respective industries and the need for resources for their businesses to succeed. The BWEB aims to provide a sacred space for Black women to come together to celebrate and engage in activities that promote healing, connection, culture, and financial equity.

The Goals of  BWEB...

1). Reduce burnout amongst Black women business owners by providing them with health and wellness resources.

2) Increase access to financial capital amongst BWEs by directly connecting them to funding organizations and agencies.

3) Increase a sense of community and mentorship by providing participants with a directory and intentional network opportunities. 

4) Increase education about starting and running a business for Black women by providing a panel of funding agencies and experienced BWOB leaders to share knowledge.

Meet the Team

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