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From Side Hustle to Main Hustle

"Getting access to the bag and finding a mentor."

Meet the Panelist

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Erika Hazel

Erika Hazel is a nationally recognized vegan businesswoman, recipe creator, magazine contributor, international moderator, speaker, and philanthropist. She also created the Bay Area’s first and only vegan food festival.


As a food blogger, Erika is always discovering the best vegan cuisine to share with her family and followers to make the world a more vegan place, one bite at a time. The Berkeley Vegan is not only a popular social media influencer and food blogger but also specializes in events, consultations, and speaking engagements. Erika‘s goal is to engage with people to help them find the world's best plant-based foods. For more information, visit or follow @bizerkeleyvegan on Instagram.

Tiffany Carter

Tiffany Carter is a visionary restaurateur, entrepreneur, investor and a classically trained Chef. She is the owner of Boug Cali one of the few brick and mortar Black restaurants in San Francisco. Known respectfully as Neighborhood Tiff, she is a San Francisco native from Bayview Hunters Point who believes that Black culture and representation are critical pieces of the City’s history. As a community stakeholder and co-founder of SF Black Wallstreet, Tiffany is focused on developing and protecting Black space, Black equity, and Black culture in San Francisco.

Tiffany Carter | Boug Cali

Shakina McNeal

Shakina is the owner of PinPoint Training facility & an Entrepreneur of 10 years. With a background in training nutrition & stretch therapy, she is what we call; obsessed with all things health & wellness. PinPoint is an immersive athletic spa experience, encompassing 4 tiers of services: Training, Recovery, Spa & Nutrition. Shakina & her team are passionate about helping clients find sustainable approaches to movement, nutrition and they really lean into bringing PLAY back into the conversation when it comes to our health.

Breezy Love

Breezy Love is a soft heart yet strong-minded leader, mother, visionary, teacher and more. She is a Certified Massage Therapist, Doula, Pilates & Dance instructor based in the Bay Area. Co-Owner of We Heal Different Dance & Wellness Studio & founder of Free The Cheeks: Twerk Church. Breezy is a force when it comes to uplifting community & empowering women to tap into to their sensuality & expression. A glitch in the matrix, her nurturing and vibrant energy inspires and opens people up to experience their own self-love, joy and healing like no other.

Bobbi Perfection

Bobbi Perfection is a multidisciplinary artist & seeker, who connects her mastery of different worlds to manifest something akin to magic. One of seven siblings, Bobbi is well-versed in holding space and caring for those around her. Her solid, yet gentle presence allows love and vulnerability to move through any room she stands in.

A Richmond native, her Bay Area roots run deep and wide. Her dedication to uplifting & restoring her community shines brightly through her various practices - A Touch of Perfection (massage therapy), BobStrology (astrology) & We Heal Different, a dance & wellness studio she co-founded with her family in 2021.


Bobbi has cultivated her innate ability to both absorb and reflect energy, while remaining grounded in reality. This is reflected in her many modalities: astrology, dance, teacher, hypnotherapist, massage therapist, website design, connective group leader, and festival visionary. Thoughtful, reflective, and committed to her intuition, but at the core of all of it is being of service & getting people back to themselves.                                                                          

DJ Shell Heart
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Michelle Miller better known as DJSHELLHEART has been making noise for the past 9 years. 32-year-old, Richmond California native, has had her hands on turntables since a teen but did not take it serious until her young adult years. Though still young, Shellheart has managed to open doors and build a strong fan base in the Hip-Hop and LGBTQ community. She has been on Seven big tours alongside Rexxliferaj , (Dreamville) BAS, Mr.Carmack, P-Lo Marc E Bassy , Certified Platinum Recording Artist Russ , and CMG A&R Daboydame. She has been on International European Tours visiting countries such as: Germany, London, Paris, Copenhagen, Berlin and Barcelona . With a solid reputation as a female deejay, she has worked with night clubs based out of Oakland, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Jose, Las Vegas,and Nashville Tennessee. Besides putting together her

own events, such as her Good Times Day Party, Annual Toy Drives, female cyphers, and many club events, she has had the pleasure of being a part of San Francisco's Pride events, becoming The Golden State Warriors Thrive City Dj, and being a part of major music festivals such as: Solblum, Rolling Loud, and Outside Lands. She has deejayed for brands like Redbull, Footlocker, Spotify, StashedSF, Jordan Brand and Beastmode to name a few. Her amazing drive and passion has left her being featured on "The Shade Room", "Hello Beautiful", KQED and many podcasts/ interviews. She plans to continue to make her imprint in the music industry, making the party scene great again and giving back to her community!

Shauncy (Salt) Jackson is owner of luxury streetwear brand, Oakland Don’t Play (ODP) . The brand was birthed in Oakland September 2020 as a response to a rise of racial discrimination and lack of diversity among local brands. ODP creates merchandise that highlights Oakland’s rich history while promoting positivity and unity. The brand started selling at pop ups and online, but opened their first brick and mortar June 2022. This queen has also founded a non- profit Oakland Don’t Play Inc which host backpack giveaways and other events such as Easter Egg hunts for her community. Shauncy wears multiple hats to support her brand, expansion and scaling is always front of mind.

Shauncy 'Salt' Jackson
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